Prayer Request

Anthony Roberts, March 2, 2023 - 4:39 am

Blood of Jesus Christ prayer

Prayer for protection against enemies and any one who may try to harm me. I'm homeless and asking you to pray that God will open up the door to transitional housing so I can have my own place

Powerful Protection and angelic assistants.
Financial stability
New friends
New church home
Deliverance from drinking and smoking
My own home
Prayer against spells and bad omens and people trying to take my life. I have no car and walk and need my family covering.
Riches and wealth.

Protection from those trying to take my life and plot from bad omens and spells

Riches and wealth and wisdom to manage for gods kingdom

For God to estend my years from 2023 and beyond like Hezekiah on this earth to be a light to lost souls and people

For people to stop trying to assinate my character and name with lies

To see my god son Elias and for me and ex arie Cooke to reunite again and her family and be together

Exceeding abundantly above all can ask or think in Jesus Christ name.