Prayer Request

Anonymous, July 23, 2020 - 6:04 pm

Hi there,
I have more than one request and I would like to I guess tell you or share with you. This is my first and main request. After 10 months of asking people to pray for this request on a number of sites accepting prayer requests including some YouTube videos also accepting requests, it’s still the same thing with this individual. Even though God can’t force anyone to repent, can I ask you to pray that this individual very very soon repents of his sins or for something to happen that will hit this individual hard despite no hope/ confidence that this individual either repents or for something to happen to this individual very very soon. I wish I could sort this individual out myself but like it normally is, no luck or any luck goes back to unluck I guess to put it that way. Nothing is happening to this individual and I don’t see anything happen to him going forward, even if it’s anything that has nothing to do with God. God knows what individual I’m talking about. Thank you.