Prayer Request

Maria S Burnette, October 2, 2019 - 8:39 pm

This is an urgent and immediate request of prayer for Bishop Pruitt and his wife. We pray that God will guide and direct Bishop Pruitt's words as he presents God's case to the court and the Judge. Also, that God will anoint his lips of clay so that Bishop Pruitt can speak freely and represent the church's case. We ask that God will remove any and all fears, doubts, worries and anxiety as Bishop Pruitt prepares and presents God's case. And that God will touch the Judge's heart and find favor in such a way that Bishop Pruitt prevails in the courtroom. That Jesus, through His spirit would speak through Bishop Pruitt as God's appointed representative. The Bible says, that the King's heart is in His hands and He will turn the king's heart whichever way He wants. We claim this scripture in Jesus' Name. Amen.