Prayer Request

Maria S Burnette, September 8, 2019 - 9:15 pm

We thank God for every prayer request that He has answered up until today 9/8/19. We ask that God intervene and answer the following prayer requests for the remainder of the month of Sept. 2019, to include but not limited to medical request of prayer, physical request of prayers, spiritual request of prayers, legal request of prayers, political request of prayers, mental request of prayers, emotional request of prayers, financial request of prayers and relational request of prayers etc…We are in dire need of Divine intervention in each and every aspect of our lives. We are in dire need of the Arc of God which represent God's presence daily in our lives. We desire a pure love for God in our lives, humility, obedience and trust in God so that we can come before His presence in faith so that fear has no place in our individual and personal lives and relationship with God so that our prayers be not hindered. Amen.